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***As seen on My Fair Wedding with the Jennifer Argenti Ensemble!***

Alyson Montez has been entertaining audiences for two decades, performing in variety of genres including classical, rock and mariachi. She offers a classical set list as well as a large quantity of jazz, pop, rock and more. Her services are available as acoustic, electric or acoustic-electric, and available with solo violin, violin and violin/guitar/piano duet, and string trios and quartets.

She is also available for children’s parties, with a fun and interactive musical adventure! The program includes either solo violin or violin and guitar duets, playing a variety of children’s music, mixed in with kid-friendly songs for the parents to enjoy as well! The children are encouraged to play along, sing, dance and become a part of the show – perfect for small children’s birthday parties, entertainment at family reunions and more!

Violinist in Van Nuys

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