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Welcome to AlysonMontez.dot.com!

Classically trained and well-versed in orchestral repertoire, Alyson Montez has also made a name for herself as a Grammy award-winning mariachi in the Latin community with the Mariachi Divas and a heavy metal violinist in the rock world.

Armed with an acoustic violin, 6-string fretless and 7-string fretted custom electric Viper violins, she balances a multitude of different styles in her daily life. She can currently be seen live with Ricky Rebel and Las Colibri, as well as various independent projects. She's made appearances as a violinist on various television shows, including "My Fair Wedding", "Bienvenidos A Casa", "Gimme My Reality Show!" and "Re-inventing Bonaduce", clocked copious studio time, and appeared in many music videos, including a concept project for Dee Snider's "Van Helsing's Curse".

Alyson offers her services to live performances, studio work, lessons, weddings, parties, street fairs and more!

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